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Man's Best Friend ... our four legged friend inspired collection ....

We seriously doubt that there's a country in the world that loves dogs more than us Brits. We love our pooches so much that we spend a whopping ten thousand pounds a year on average, treating our canine friends! On top of that, we like to show how much we love dogs as much as we can - and bedding is no exception. So we thought it was high time to gather all our dog bedding sets in one place as a tribute to man's best friend.


It looks quite simple doing laundry every week you just load up the washing machine with all the dirty clothes and add some washing powder and add in fabric softener turn up a few dials and there you go clean and fresh clothes within an hour.


In a world where space is gold – ask any average city worker – the ways in how to decorate a small bedroom are popular among singles, couples and families. Here are a few small bedroom design ideas that even an amateur interior decorator can adopt.

Create a Moroccan-Inspired bedroom

Moroccan style has been a growing trend for the past couple of years and in 2016 it's getting more popular than ever. With intricate detailing, bold patterns and bright colours, Moroccan style is a fabulous way to add an exotic feel to your home. Think extravagance, excitement and luxury - these are key to the Moroccan style. Here are our top tips for giving your bedroom a Moroccan makeover with ease!

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